The third phase of the EU funded International Urban and Regional Cooperation programme in North America (IURC NA) aims to lead and develop a form of decentralised international urban and regional cooperation in sustainable urban development, in key partner countries and regions in line with the external dimension of “Europe 2020.” Based on the capitalisation of results and lessons learned from the previous phases (2016-2023), the new programme optimises the added-value of international cooperation.

“IURC is about more than signing agreements, is about practical implementation of concrete focused projects. Is a functional platform of cooperation between stakeholders from business, governments and research institutions where they get together to implement actions and make a difference for the future”

– Rudolf Niessler, Principal Advisor for International Relations, DG REGIO, European Commission.

IURC North America Pairings and Trios

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Beyond the Beginning, Far from the End: EU-China High-Level Leaders Gather for Urban and Regional Cooperation

Keru FENGApr 8, 202411 min read

Sustainability, Cooperation, Green Growth and Urban Transformation are terms beyond concept to embody the core of forward-thinking strategies in IURC-China. The concluding event, the EU-China High-Level Seminar on Regional Policy…

IURC North America 2021-2023 Final Publication

IURC North AmericaMar 4, 20245 min read

The second phase of the IURC North America program witnessed significant achievements, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among cities. This phase comprised 8 city-to-city cooperation pairings and trios, along with…

Discover IURC case studies and insights

IURC North AmericaFeb 1, 20241 min read

IURC’s final publication is packed with exciting case studies from our city pairings across the globe. You can also learn about our contributions to the SDGs, New Urban Agenda, and…

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Past Events

January, 24th

In the past three years, collaborations, investments, and knowledge sharing has multiplied on themes related to the circular economy (CE). Networks, knowledge-sharing hubs, and training tools are bringing to light...

January, 10th

You are invited to the first IURC-NA webinar session of 2024, focusing on international cooperation and how it can relate to the sustainable and resilient cities of the future! Climate...

December, 7th

The webinar "IURC Latin America: Final lessons from the City-to-City cooperation" organized by the International Urban and Regional Cooperation Latin America (IURC-LAC) Programme sougth to  reflect on the main lessons...

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